My Style & Approach to Photography

My approach to engagement photos is relaxed and naturalistic. I want each couple to have different poses and images that reflect who they are as a couple. I seek locations that have memories or fit their styles in a complimentary way. Also, we have a lot of fun and it really helps for us all to feel more comfortable shooting together on the wedding day. I actually still keep in touch with couples I’ve photographed in the past.


What Sets Me Apart?

Helping Camera Shyness

Hate being in front of the camera? Me too. Engagement photography sessions are some of the best sessions to capture natural, intimate poses and moments. I will provide direction to any couple, to help them feel comfortable in front of the camera and photograph their individual personalities.

Location Expert

Every couple has a unique story and style. I’ve become familiar enough with locations in Denton, DFW area, and Waco that I can pick a location for any type of request.

Natural Editing

I approach my editing in a naturalistic style, keeping the tones and colors natural in order to make my future brides and grooms look comfortable, beautiful, and in love with each other.

Coffee Talk

Meeting new people is one of the best aspects of being a professional photographer. I love getting coffee with couples interested in using my services and getting to know ear of them in order to serve them to the best of my ability. Also, the advantage of doing an engagement photo session is that you can become comfortable with each other, which produces more relaxed, natural images during the wedding day.

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