Cody and Delia

I was really excited when I first got the opportunity to work with both Cody and Delia with the engagement shoot in Frisco at Arbor Hills. They did a wonderful job and were truly comfortable with each other, which made it really easy to take pics of them both. Then it happened, they invited me to photograph their wedding in Arizona. I was freaking excited and honored to the moon. Thank you both so much for letting be have such a privilege. This was my first time in Arizona doing a wedding, and what a way to start that trend.

They first had a beautiful evening dinner with family and friends at the Vintage 95. This was a hip/fancy restaurant in Phoenix with really good food. There were tons of laughs, hugs, and deep felt speeches by friends and family that are mostly from Texas. The fact that the majority of their guest were from Texas and they all sacrificed the drive or plane flight to get there to see them both get married says a lot about this couple.

The wedding was at The Windmill Winery and this was one of the most fantastic and plentiful venues I’ve ever photographed at. I seriously could have spent all day photographing at the various spots around their venue. The weather was absolutely incredible and it was a wonderful night.

Congrats to Cody and Delia!